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    Mackmyra, Kreator Gin
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    Mackmyra, Bjorksav (70cl 46.1%)
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    Mackmyra, Brukswhisky (70cl 41.4%)
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    Mackmyra Svensk Rok (50cl 46.1%)
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    Mackmyra Svensk Ek (70cl 46.1%)
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    Mackmyra, Mack Whisky (70cl 40%)
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    Explorers in whisky since 1999

    “Why are there no whisky distilleries Sweden?” one of the friends asked. None of the others could answer the question, leaving it floating in the air. Sweden has no tradition of making whisky. We thought that was weird when we began to explore whether it was possible to create a Swedish single malt whisky -for everywhere we turned, we saw opportunities. 

    In Sweden, we find one of the world’s purest water, filtered to perfection since the Ice Age. It is no coincidence that the distillery is located next to a boulder with constant access to the crystal clear waters. Our Swedish barley develops a special sweetness during the long summer days, a sweetness that has become one of the cornerstones of our whisky.

    A large part of our whisky is stored in new Swedish oak. The Swedish oak grows slowly in our harsh climate and gives the whisky a harsher flavor than American oak. The whisky gets a fiery spice balanced by sweetness similar to caramelized sugar.