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Vegan Friendly


Vegan Friendly Wine

Wines that have used production methods that make them suitable for consumption by vegans. 

Why are some wines not suitable for vegans?

Some wines use animal-derived products, such as gelatin, casein, or egg whites, to clarify and stabilize the wine. These products are called fining agents, and they help remove unwanted substances from the wine.

What is used for fining agents in wine suitable for vegans?

Some wines use plant-based or mineral fining agents, such as bentonite clay, carbon, or vegetable proteins.

Why aren't these used in all wines?

Some wines are unfined and don't use any fining agent and may appear to be a little hazy or show a greater deposit of sediment. For those wines that do use them, each fining agent can have a different effect on the wine. Some producers of red wines for instance believe that a mineral based fining agent such as bentonite removes some of the body of the wine and would compromise the intended experience.

To find out if a wine is vegan friendly, you can look for a label that indicates it is vegan, organic, or unfined. Not all labels declare this however. We rely on information provided by the winemakers to tag wines in this collection as vegan.