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Fine Wines & Rare Vintages

Fine Wines & Rare Vintages

A select and limited range of fine wines, rare vintage wines and specially selected wines from world renowned producers. These are finely crafted wines that exhibit excellent balance, precision and purity and may also have the right structure to develop further if stored correctly. These are wines from a very specific time and place and as such are far more limited in availability. If you're looking for fine and rare wines, or want to buy fine wine for gift, this is the collection for you.

What do we mean by Fine Wine?

Fine wine is a term that doesn't have an official definition. When we refer to fine wine, we're talking about finely crafted wines that are among the best that we have to offer. 
Fine red wines and white wines often come from the prestigious wine growing areas that have a long history of quality wines, such as Bordeaux, Burgundy, the Rhône Valley and Champagne in France; Tuscany and Piedmont in Italy; the Mosel Valley in Germany; Ribera del Duero in Spain; and the Douro Valley (for fortified wines) in Portugal.
However there are many more places producing high quality wines all over the world, which thankfully gives us more opportunities to discover delicious wine experiences.