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English Wine

A selection of some of our favourite English wines from the wineries we love. 

The UK is the 6th largest consumer of wine in the world, and over the last few years, our own home-grown juice has been getting more and more limelight - and deservedly so. 

One of the things we love here at Reserve about English wine is that it's not mass-produced. Many of the vineyards and wineries found across the country operate on a smaller scale due to the lower yield of grapes. A lower yield means a more labour-intensive production method. Of course, this does mean English wines tend to be a little pricier. But the wine you do get is really great quality.

The grapes that are grown here are varieties that can ripen in cooler climates, which is why there has been such success with sparkling wine varieties and still varieties such as bacchus. It is also why many English wines have a high level of acidity which gives the quality examples a mouthwatering, invigorating energy.