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"I Like to do Something Special on a Saturday Night"

red wine

The Heartbreaker

Primitivo Riserva Il Fatalone 2008

Red Wine Italian Puglia Organic

 ”I Like to do Something Special on a Saturday Night”

And this is a gorgeous wine that evokes movies , music and food.

The first wine I purchased and tasted , when I first began working with Reserve Wines in May 2016.

And what a delight it is.

The founder of this estate , Filippo Petrara,  was known locally as ‘Il Fatalone’ – which roughly translates as the “Heartbreaker”.

This is still a family run winery by fifth generation owner Pasquale Petrara, in Puglia, the Southern heel of Italy.

His philosophy is simple.

“We want our wine to be the most authentic expression of our grapes, our land and our personality, in one word – Roots”

Personally , I’ve always had a love affair for Italian wines, which probably goes back to my travels around Enotria in the Eighties and also, there is so much to discover and uncover.

What does “Enotria” mean , I hear you ask?

Enotria means land of wine in Greek and Southern Italy is so called by ancient Greeks , as vines took to the soils wherever planted.

About this wine.  Made from 100% Primitivo grapes , grown in  Gioia del Colle , under sustainable farming practices and music therapy. Yes music therapy!
Pasquale believes that having his vines and the wine in cask, listen to the sounds of either Bach or water is beneficial to the final result.

Might seem a little crazy  but then our King in waiting has been known to talk to his plants.

Ruby red in colour with violet hints. The scent and taste is typical of the region with sour cherries and plums and some tobacco and balsamic flavourings .
Bottled at 15% alcohol though balanced with smooth fresh mineral acidity.

All in all this is a serious wine that requires serious food such as a rich Ragu, Barbecued Ribs or Cambozola Cheese.

First Person to Name the Film that the Headline comes from gets a bottle of this Fatalone Primitivo Riserva.

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