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How to Put Together a Brilliant Wine Gift Box

wine gift box


When it comes to gift giving for the special people in your life, regardless of the occasion, you want to give them something uniquely suited to their tastes. Enter the wine gift box. Of course, if you're short on time you can always purchase a lovely pre-made one. But if you have the time to go that extra mile, put it together yourself.

I adore a bit of DIY whether it's fixing up the flat or do and there's nothing like being able to put together an ultra-customised gift for a loved one.  And trust me, it's been a real hit. I've found in the years I've been working in wine, friends and family alike always reach out asking for recommendations. Naturally, I'm happy to oblige, but when the occasion comes up for a little gifting, I use the opportunity to set them up with an excellent bottle of wine that I think they'll like. Although everyone loves receiving good wine, it's nice to get little add-ons too, especially if they can be enjoyed in tandem. These are some of the ones I've used that people have loved.

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How to Customise Your Wine Gift Box

Depending on the occasion and how elaborate you want to get, there are a million directions you can go in. Once you've purchased the wine and found a suitably attractive container, it's time to add the little extras to make your gift that little extra bit special. Here are some wonderful ideas for what to include in your gift box besides a bottle or two of wine.

  • Wine glasses – one can never really have too many wine glasses.
  • Cheeses and charcuterie – a perfect inclusion for the perennial host or hostess.
  • Chocolates – while it's true that chocolates aren't necessarily the perfect pairing with many wines, it doesn't mean that people don't enjoy having the two together. If you know someone who loves a bit of Dairy Milk with a glass of red, then by all means go ahead and spoil them.    
  • Decanter – this is a fantastic idea, especially if you're gifting an older bottle.
  • Wine cooling sleeves – a brilliant addition with a bottle of white wine.
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But you can branch out from the food and wine theme and elaborate your gift based on what the things you know the recipient loves best; a favourite DVD that's missing from their collection, a gift certificate to a restaurant they've been dying to try, a spa day or the latest tech gadget. There's loads of room to get creative and it's a fantastic way to show how well you know someone - or at least that you've been paying attention.

Do you have any great ideas for wine gift boxes?


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