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Vega Tolosa, 11 Pinos Bobal Rose 2023

Get to know: Vega Tolosa, 11 Pinos Bobal Rose

Tasting Note

A rosé wine made from the best Bobal grapes of the Tolosa Family. Organic & Sustainable using fruit native 80+ years old vines in an Unesco Biosphere Reserve. It has a striking strawberry colour and an immediate personal style. The aroma is inviting with nuances of ripe strawberry and red fruit. Fresh, intense and a good acidity on the palate. A wine to drink at any time of the day.

Try this with antipasti platters, picnic bites or a halloumi and grilled veggies kebab.

Kate Says

"A fabulous addition to our Rosé selection. The wine is crisp, fruity and rather spot on for a good day quaffing easily. I'd enjoy this with a red pepper and manchego cheese wrap."

Producer Info

Vega Tolosa is a family winery in control the entire winemaking process. They seek to create balanced wines which reflect the personality of their original vineyard, doing everything possible to allow nature to do its work by handling the grapes as little as possible. Among their goals is a respect for the wine-making traditions while seeking to create contemporary products and innovation.

Their vineyards are located between the Júcar and Cabriel river valleys at height of 750 m: The warm and dry western winds during the day and the cool and humid eastern winds at night are ideal for the slow ripening of the grape. Its clayey-calcareus soils also contribute to the grape’s optimum quality which benefits the drainage of the scarce rainfall and the conservation of humidity during drought periods.

Their land comprises 400 hectares of organic crops, 150 of which are vineyards. They do not use phosphates, nitrates, or mineral fertilizers. All fertilizers are made exclusively from bioactive composting, pruning, and organic manure sourced from organic livestock that is fed with their own produce. Their soils are biological enriched by microorganisms and insects that in turn attract other animals such as partridges, lizards, etc. Many of these insects find shelter beneath the mulch that is generated by the pruned branches and green manure. 


Spain, Castilla La Mancha