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Orange Wine Trio

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Get to know: Orange Wine Trio


A three pack including some of our favourite orange wines. If you're new to orange wines or are curious about the different styles and are feeling adventurous this is the perfect place to start!

What's inside?

Eschenhof Holzer, Space Invader Orange Wine

Arnlod Holzer took over the winemaking at his family’s estate at just 23 years old, representing the fifth generation of his family to farm their small estate in the heart of Wagram, one of Austria’s leading wine producing regions.

They farm using organic practices in the vineyards, where it’s all about the soils. The rich and silty loess soil is able to hold more water during the dry months which creates the natural conditions needed for a richer style of wine. Here the native Austrian grape Muller-Thurgau thrives. A cross between Riesling and Madeleline Royal, this is a highly aromatic grape full of complexity at its best.

Fermented on skins for around 2 weeks, this wine is full of ripe tropical and exotic fruits - think mandarin and passion fruit. The tannins are present but gentle and well-balanced by a crisp acidity. There’s a subtle savoury spice at the end which creeps up on you too.

Fattoria di Vaira 'Vincenzo'

Fattoria di Vaira is one of the largest biodynamic farms in Italy, with over 500 hectares made up of vines, olive groves, cereals, vegetables and livestock for fresh cheeses. They also farm organically and this is a blend of Falanghina & Trebbiano, its fermented with wild yeasts and spends around 5 days macerating on skins during fermentation followed by spontaneous malolactic fermentation in tank which adds an extra layer of richness to the wine and gives it more body. It is bottled without fining or filtration and the small amount of sediment in the bottle can add even more texture to the wine, it's always worth giving the bottle a little shake before enjoying just to move all that sediment through the whole bottle. It's full of vibrant peaches and apricots, crunchy plums and tannins not dissimilar to iced tea with a clean refreshing minerality on the finish. A great orange wine to pair with meaty fish dishes or even some mixed sushi and sashimi!

Baglio, Bianco Catarratto IGP

This Catarratto produced by the Vesco family on Siciliy is perfect for anyone who is looking to start their journey into orange wines. Since taking over the 100 hectare estate the philosophy of the winery has focused on organic farming, hand harvesting and wild yeast fermentation. They harvest the grapes at night when they're cooler to retain as much fresh fruit as possible before fermenting on the skins for a couple of weeks. During this time the temperature is kept cooler, meaning a gentle extraction of tannins and colour and ensures the fruit character of the wine isn't blown away by the tannins. 

The result is a fantastic, rich, pithy wine full of green apple and quince fruit flowing into ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon with a savoury, herbaceous finish full of dried oregano and lightly toasted almonds. All this complexity makes for some great food pairing options, especially as we move into autumn and root vegetables really come into their own, a root veg tarte tatin full of carrots, parsnips and sweet potato with some thyme thrown in would work a treat with the rich, savoury character of the wine.