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Le Creuset WA-143 Aerator Pourer

Get to know: Le Creuset WA-143 Aerator Pourer


Perfect for wine lovers, The LeCreuset combined aerator and pourer helps you get the very best from your bottle. Just slip it in the bottle neck for instant aeration that unlocks flavour and depth.

Aerating a bottle of wine is the secret to reducing harsh tannins and bringing out subtle rounded flavours. The Le Creuset Aerator pourer is the perfect solution for quick aeration and a drip-free pour. As wine flows through the Aerator pourer it's unique aeration system and multiple vents open up flavours and aromas, creating a more enjoyable wine experience with every glass.



A central breathing hole increases air flow, while a drip-free edge makes pouring easy.

Best in class: LeCreuset products are crafted from the finest materials in facilities around the world, ensuring the quality you expect.

Material: Plastic

Manufactured in China


Length: 15 cm
Width: 10 cm
Height: 4 cm

Weight: 0.03kg (Boxed 0.05kg)

Care & Use

Before First Use
Enjoy unboxing your new purchase! (And make sure to remove the labels and packaging.)

Microwave Safe: No

Freezer Safe: No

Dishwasher Safe: No