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Giffard - Creme de Mure (70cl, 16%)

Get to know: Giffard - Creme de Mure

Tasting Note

Classic Liqueur made from concentrated blackberry juice. This has a deep purple colour and bold and powerful aromas of fresh blackberry purée and jam. It has a round and pleasant taste brought on by the freshness of the fruit, aromatic power of the blackberry balanced by the subtle bitterness of the seeds at the finish.

Use as an aperitif with a dry white, rosé or sparkling wine, or in cocktails.

Producer Info

The blackberry, an edible fruit from the common bramble, grows spontaneously throughout Europe and many regions of the world, but Mexico is the world's leading producer. Used in naturopathy and sometimes as a tincture, the blackberry is widely used in food, jam, jelly or dessert. Its use in the manufacture of drinks, liqueurs or syrups is mentioned in the London Pharmacopoeia as early as 1696.

Lactose free

Gluten free


No preservative

Store in a dry and cool place, if possible away from light.
Close the bottle tightly after use