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Game Season Trio

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Get to know: Game Season Trio


Game season is upon us and free-range game is an absolute winner with a glass of red wine. If you're inspired to try some Autumn cooking, we've put together a Game Season Trio for anyone having a game feast or just wanting to try something different as the leaves start to fall.

What's inside?

Folding Hill Pinot Noir 

If you're going for something like a classic venison loin, cooked rare, with seasonal root veg and red wine jus, it can take a red with a little more weight. A Pinot Noir which has a little earthiness and a gamey, smoked meat character would be fantastic. We'd recommend this Folding Hill Pinot noir which has great dark berry fruits and subtle spices.

Domaine La Loyane Lira Cuvée Elie 

A hearty game pie, would pair perfectly with the rich, dark fruits and spice you find in wines from the southern Rhone. We think this Lirac from Domaine La Loyane would go down pretty nicely with its blackberry and plum fruit, a hint of vanilla and black pepper and a smoky, earthy complexity.

Giuseppe Cortese Langhe Nebbiolo

Grouse are among the first poultry of the season. They're celebrated for their rich, gamey flavour, which comes from their diet of heather high up on the Pennines. Grouse is best served simply roasted with a fresh, fruity sauce which would work perfectly with a lighter, juicier red. This would be an ideal partner with its bright red cherries and raspberries. Medium bodied and with lovely soft tannins, it won't overpower the bird but can definitely stand up to any fruity sauce accompanying the meal.