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ELG Gin No3 (50cl, 57.2%)

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Master distiller Henrik Elsner, who has started a production of Danish gin, has gone against the tide and given birth to a series of gins, which in all its crystal clear simplicity contains only three botanicals.

ELG GIN No. 3 "Navy Strength" is based on the same three distillates as ELG GIN No.1, however as it contains 57.2% alcohol it is diluted with less water. The 10% higher content of alcohol means that 30% more flavour can be dissolved  which gives it an even higher intensity in both aroma and taste than ELG GIN No.1. Navy Strength evolved from the idea of proof spirits, a term which originates from sailors in the 19th Century.

As ELG GIN No.1 it is designed to perfectly mix in countless of cocktails, but you may also drink it on the rocks or enjoy it in a drink such as The Gimlet, which simply consists of equal parts of gin and lime juice and lots of ice.