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Producer Focus - Hawksdrift Wines

Hawksdrift Logo

Hawksdrift is a family owned vineyard, located in Dillons Point, Marlborough, New Zealand.


hawksdrift hawk statue

"Just as we try to work with the land to create a truly unique wine, the hawk, works with the sky."

Situated on the East, sea coast of Marlborough. The vineyards lie close to sea level on deep, fertile soils.

Sheltered from the Wither Hills range, contributes to a long, hot ripening season, meaning, the fruit is left to ripen when other, cooler areas have shut down. This long hang time develops fully ripened summer flavours in the fruit..

hawksdrift barrels

Wines with character

Hawksdrift specialise in barrel fermented wines. This style of wine cannot be hurried in the wine making process, taking at least 18 months to 2 years to complete.

Often having a longer shelf life than non-barrel aged alternatives, these wines will mellow with age becoming creamier, smoother and developing subtle changes with flavours of spice.

Primary grapes of Hawksdrift

flametree wine range bottles

"Hawksdrift wines truly express the qualities of barrel aged wines. Their Sauvignon Blanc is a great alternative take on the classic New Zealand Sauvignon style"

Garry Lui - Reserve Wines

Experience these fantastic wines.

Reserve Wines stocks the small, but high quality range of Hawksdrift Wines

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