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About Us

Reserve is the finest independent wine merchants in Manchester, run by people with a passion for the great grape. We have a massive local following due to our commitment to making wine accessible and fun for everyone, stocking a huge range of 'boutique' wines from family owned-and-run wineries across the globe. Don't get tricked into thinking that we're pricey though - there's something on our shelves for everyone, and we pride ourselves on the quality of every bottle we sell, from £4 to £400. We know they're good because we've tasted them all (it's a hard job, but someone has to do it).

We love to get visitors in our shops more than anything else, but seeing that isn't an option for everyone, we make every bottle we sell available to buy on this very website or over the phone - that way we can spread the word of wine worldwide! We have an ever expanding team, more photies to follow...

Kate Goodman, Owner

Wine Heaven: Cote Rotie, Northern Rhone in general..especially opulent Viogniers. grenache, big full bodied champagnes

Wine Hell: Bad Cava

Wine Geek Fact: In some champagne houses, they still use a traditional method of turning champagne bottles (riddling). The riddler will turn up to 60,000 bottles a day!

Top Reserve Tip: Come into any of our shops, or call and talk to us! There's a wealth of knowledge here at Reserve just begging to be released!