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Alpha Box & Dice

A modern, cutting-edge collection of wines - just look at the labels - from the passionate and slightly bonkers trio of Dylan and Justin Fairweather and winemaker Sam Berketa. AB&D was founded in McLaren Vale in 2008 and is unconventional in its approach; there are no ‘regional, varietal or stylistic’ boundaries, just great wines from great fruit.

The plan is to craft a different wine for every letter of the alphabet - from Apostle (Shiraz-Durif blend) to Zaptung (crown-capped Prosecco). Each wine is unique and has a story and eye-catching label to go with it. A fab collection of wines that a causing quite a buzz in the wine scene.

Alpha Box & Dice, Blood of Jupiter, Sangiovese Cabernet. 2015 [E7]


Alpha Box & Dice, Fog Nebbiolo 2014 [G1]


Alpha Box & Dice, Golden Mullet of Fury - Semillon Viognier. 2014 [I3]


Alpha Box & Dice ‘Xola’ Aglianico, McLaren Vale 2014 [I6]


Alpha Box & Dice 'Enigma'' Barbera, McLaren Vale 2015 [I4]


Alpha Box & Dice, Tarot Grenache 2017 [H2]