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Our Favourite Spritz Recipes for Summer

We’ve put together our top spritz recipes so you can mix things up throughout the summer. The more popular than ever Aperol Spritz had to make an appearance but we’ve also picked out a few of our favourite alternatives, which we’re serving in our bars at the moment. There’s nothing overly technical about them and the idea is that you can serve them up quickly, whether entertaining in the garden or just relaxing in the evening. Served in a large wine glass filled with ice, just add sparkling wine and a dash of soda to your favourite liqueur and you’re good to go!


Limoncello Spritz

This Italian liqueur has been produced in the south of Italy for well over a hundred years now and is traditionally served chilled as a digestif after dinner - due to its sweet flavour and touch of bitterness it works perfectly in a spritz.

50ml Limoncello

125ml Sparkling wine - we use Durello, a favourite in the streets of Verona

Dash of Soda water

Garnish: Slice of lemon


Aperol Spritz

We simply couldn’t write a list of spritz recipes without including this icon of the aperitif scene - Veneto’s finest export! The perfect match for food, you’ll find it served everywhere with ‘Cicchetti’ such as tiny sandwiches, olives and small plates of local dishes. It’s also perfect on it’s own and an ideal companion to brunch on an easy Sunday morning.

Serve in a small tumbler if you want to feel like you’re canal-side in Venice.

50ml Aperol

100ml Sparkling Wine

Dash of Soda water

Garnish:An orange slice and a green olive


Violet Spritz

One for those with a sweet tooth, this is parma violet for adults. We use a violet liqueur, made from a London dry gin infused with violets and distilled in Manchester. This is fantastically fragrant and deliciously sweet.

50ml No Name Distillery, Violet Gin Liqueur

125ml Sparkling wine

Dash of Soda water

Garnish: Parma Violet sweets and a slice of lemon



Campari Spritz

Campari represents the quintessential Italian liqueur, used in cocktails around the world since its origin in the 1860s. It’s the bartender's favourite for Negronis and the humble yet iconic Campari Soda, created by Gaspare Campari himself at the Camparino bar in 1915. The spritz twist just makes this liqueur a little more accessible, by adding a touch of sweetness to balance the naturally bitter drink.

50ml Campari

100ml Sparkling wine

Dash of Soda water

Garnish:A slice of orange


English Garden Spritz

The English Garden cocktail has been made in many ways over the years, but the base is always the same: London Dry Gin and Elderflower Liqueur. Some people like to use apple juice as the mixer, others choose tonic or soda. Here we’ve used sparkling wine from Italy in true spritz fashion, but you could always step it up a notch with an English sparkling wine.

50ml London Dry Gin

25ml Elderflower Liqueur

75ml Sparkling wine

Dash of Soda Water

Garnish:Cucumber, mint and lemon

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