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    Ramsbury Vodka. 70cl

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    The finest wheat, grown on our quintessential estate here in the ancient Wiltshire landscape. That’s at the heart of the unique flavour profile of our single estate vodka. Every bottle’s heritage is traceable back to its single field of origin. It’s crafted vodka with an English accent. 

    Initial dried fruits, then cocoa and layers of caramel. Elegant, medium-bodied creamy texture. Dark chocolate richness. A distinctive and enigmatic character, with a broad range of characteristics. Savored over a large globe of ice in a rock crystal glass is our preference. But if the occasion demands we suggest a simple dry vodka martini with a twist of lemon. It makes an excellent espresso martini, we think Dick would have approved! Anything with a dusting of bitter dark chocolate works really well.

    Field to table from the heart of Wiltshire. We grow the finest Horatio wheat and are blessed with our own chalk filtered water source. Using our 43 plate copper column still we distil award winning single estate spirits. A sustainable approach. Our distillery uses heat generated by a biomass boiler fed by our own sustainable woodland. Our livestock are fed the spent wheat from the distillery. Our waste water is cleaned by a wildlife friendly reed bed system. Managing every step from field to table means only the highest quality products bear the Ramsbury ram's head.

    England, Wiltshire