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    Cantina Giardino, Glu Glu 2019

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    Glu Glu is a one off production coming after a portion of the families old Coda di Volpe vineyard ended up fermenting at 10% after a challenging harvest interrupted by heavy rain. A nice approachable orange wine with good fruit, tannins and a touch of that natural wine 'funk'.

    Antonio and Daniela De Gruttola champion the old native vines of Campania, tending the vines organically they aim to truly express the terroir of the regions vibrant volcanic soils. Bottled without fining or filtration this has it's fair share of sediment left in the bottle and is a cloudy wine. We'd reccomend leaving the bottle stood upright for 10 minutes and pour gently so as not to pour the larger parts of sediment into your glass.