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Reserve Wines - Wine & Food Fest 2018

Wine and Food festival photo
  • Collaborating

    Reserve Wines is proud to be teaming up with the good people from Fairfield Social Club and GRUB to bring you a truly unique event of great wine, amazing food and much much more.

  • What to expect

    Over the course of one evening, we will be bringing you a wide range of quality-focused wines from independent winemakers, local gins & quality beers, plus some English whisky to boot.

  • Savour & enjoy

    In order to help you enjoy all aspects of these fabulous drinks, a range of quality-driven, ethical and independent street food vendors will be on hand to keep your taste buds happy.

Fairfield Social Club

Where's it happening?

Taking place in the brilliant venue of Fairfield Social Club, in the heart of Manchester's Industrial Mayfield area.

This is not a typical wine fair. Instead we're trying the beer festival format (small entrance fee and the use of tokens to redeem against drinks) which will allow us to bring more and exciting drinks & food to the event.

pouring wine from bottle to glass

Not your average wine fair

Tokens will be used to redeem against wine and drinks on the night. We are currently looking at £10 for 11 tokens and £20 for 24 tokens. Wines will be typically priced between 1 to 5 tokens for a 50ml measure.


We feel this is a good way of keeping the costs to you as low as possible whilst enabling you to try as many wines as possible.

There will also be a refundable £2 glass deposit. You are welcome to keep your unique glass at the end of the night or get your £2 back.



Need some more information on this event?

Download our handy info pack & FAQ.

Download Event Info Pack

At Reserve, we’re always trying to find new ways to make wine exciting and more accessible to everyone. We think food is an integral part of our enjoyment of life (for those privileged enough to be able to eat).

So many wines can only truly and fully be understood when enjoyed with food. However we do not run any restaurants, nor do we intend to. So we’re bringing a couple of people who know how to make genuinely exciting food that would pair so well with our wines.

Food Stalls

  • Little orange co on Altrincham Market

    Little Orange Co.

    Jamian and Christy concoct the most gorgeous arancini balls. They have pushed this basic concept a little further with incredible flair and they have amazing recipes to showcase.

    You know how much we love our Italian wines, those risotto balls will be perfect to scoff with a good vino! But Arancini is not all that they do...

  • Yakuma street food stall


    We have known Hannah and Marcy for a few years now, they have been at the forefront of the street food scene in the North and beyond and you'll only ever hear good things about them and their food.

    They specialise in colourful and vibrant latin american fodder and the wine pairing possibilities are endless.

  • ChouChoux Market Stall


    Vanessa makes some of the tastiest desserts. She went to study patisserie and cakes at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, then had a 4 years stint at Fauchon, which is THE delicatessen to go to if in you're in Paris.

    She will bringing a range of gorgeous stuff, including a one-time only signature collaboration, using one of our dessert wines to make a boozy treat.

We've talked about the venue and the tasty treats to sustain you along the way, now for the star of the show.

The world of wine is ever changing and we are going to be showcasing over 100 amazing wines for you to try. Some you will all be familiar with, with others from places you probably never even knew made wine.

Bottles of Natural Wines

Natural Wine

You have all no doubt heard this term by now, but what is natural wine and what does it taste like?

We will have a section dedicated to our natural wine selection, where you can discover what this 'hands-off' winemaking is all about.

Bottle and glass of Avondale wines Cyclus

Producer Focus - Avondale

We will have a table dedicated to the wines of South African producer Avondale.


Avondale’s viticulturist, Johnathan Grieve has realised his unique vision for establishing a healthy, balanced vineyard ecosystem and making premium quality, certified organic wines.

Following biodynamic practices throughout the vineyard and winery, Avondale's approach to wine is with a focus on gentle treatment and minimal intervention.



Terraced Vineyards in Portugal

Producer Focus - Niepoort

The Niepoort family has been creating Port Wines since 1842, through five generations of winemakers.


Since 1991, in addition to port wines, Niepoort have been producing other great wines from the regions of Douro, Dão and Bairrada.

We will be showcasing a range of their table & port wines on the night.



That's The Spirit

  • A bottle of Faith and Sons, Reserve Wines Gin

    Faith & Sons

    One of the now many Manchester distillers, Filipe started off in his kitchen through his passion of science and distillation.

    Now producing various gins, liqueurs and a recent collaboration with Reserve Wines for our very own gin. You'll be able give some of these a taste.

  • Bottle and glass of English whisky

    English Whisky Co.

    Englands 1st whisky distillery for over 120 years. The English Whisky co have been distilling since 2006.

    With Single Malt and Single Grain whisky in their portfolio, you will have the opportunity to sample some of their finest bottlings.

  • A bottle of Manchester Three Rivers Gin

    Three Rivers

    Produced in the heart of Manchester, from the first city centre based distillery of the modern age.

    We loved Three Rivers Gin from the first sip and we’re so glad they will be joining us. They'll be serving up G&T's and telling you about their gin experience days.