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    Korona, Bikaver 2016

    Traditional Hungarian Bikaver or 'Bulls Blood', made up of 60% Kekfrankos, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon and 20% Merlot. Rich and full bodied with ripe raspberry and blackberry fruit and a hit of black pepper spice. 

    The name derives from 1552 when the Ottoman empire laid seige to Eger castle. Legend has it 1,000 Hungarian men, women and children fought off 100,000 Ottoman soldiers. The night before the final battle Dobo Istvan the Hungarian defender opened the castle cellars and told the people to eat and drink on their last night! The following day the Hungarians fought ferociously (or drunkenly!) looking a fearful sight with red wine stained beards and tunics, they won the battle against the odds & the Ottomans declared they must have been drinking Bulls Blood to have been so strong!

    This could pair with a number of foods but a traditional, hearty goulash would be a great option.

    Hungary, Eger